What is Golog ?

GOLOG comes in as a intelligent cold chain logistic platform specially design for b2b biz , system link up business owner from upstream to downstream starting from farmer, fish village, to wholesaler,and retailer with logistic player by using crowdsource and traditional logistic and come with multiple method of delivery with comprehensive vehicle such as bike, car, pick up truck, 1 ton, 3,ton 5 ton, cold chill truck support by machine learning.

Introduction of Cold Chain

What is cold chain? is cold, chill fresh products, perishable goods, fmcg of the supply chain and why cold chain, ppl call it a dinosaur market with 100% non digital. Cold chain is a very old & niche market but it is very potential with a value RM60B market. although business owner still able earn around 8% in the market, however the unhealthy situation such as middle man, costing, margin, efficiency issue and a problem in logistic slowing down the market and the country's economic “agriculture is Malaysia future” quote by tun daim given that the focus should be in this industry.

How does it work?

GOLOG slight different with other logistic platform as GOLOG “hands off” the business owner with premier accounts and grant access to use inventory supported by machine learning, b2b biz majority delivery is repeated order and cold chain products life span is short and sensitive, inventory input output helps business owners know well their product volume, how much to be delivered in and out, how much return back and what is the issue by instant , and also business owners able to what is the best sku, less return, due to geographical data or sales. GOLOG able to reduce return lost and increase margin, Through inventory system, packaging, item specification will reduce time to match the correct logistic solution and method (optimize) logistic route, space, packaging, multiple load to increase efficiency and earning,For the farmier side system even able to help to cut down the middle man as system foundation is a logistic platform, inventory able to direct link up to wholesaler. GOLOG currently focuses on the upstream and biggest prob and traction numbers are there such as farmer, fish village and wholesaler.