Rules of Conduct
The delivery distances for parcels are calculated based on Google Maps API. A fare estimate will be provided for the Users and as GoLoger, you can check the fare amount for each delivery before accepting it.
The way you behave while using GoLog can have a big impact on the safety and comfort of Users. Courtesy matters. That’s why you are expected to exercise good judgment and behave decently towards s when riding with GoLog — just as you would in any public place. Here are some reasons why you could lose access to GoLog as a GoLoger: If we are made aware of this type of problematic behavior, we may contact you so we can investigate them. Depending on the nature of the concern, we may put a hold on your account during our investigation. If the issues raised are serious or a repeat offense, or you refuse to cooperate, you may lose access to GoLog. Any behavior involving violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity while using GoLog can result in the immediate loss of access to your account. Additionally, when law enforcement is involved, we will cooperate with their investigation.
A GoLoger is our partner in GoLog and is responsible for delivering parcels in a timely and effective manner. What do the Users expect from a GoLoger:
  • Receiving parcel immediately after accepting a request. When a GoLoger accepts a request from User, the parcel should be collected by the designated time or by the time stated in the order details page.
  • Report damaged parcel to GoLog. If the GoLoger happens to receive a parcel which is damaged upon collection, update in comment session mentioning damaged parcel but User proceeds, or choose to cancel the delivery and list the reason of cancellation to not affect star rating of GoLoger.
  • Maintain good delivery standard. Always be on time for pick up and deliver it immediately. Keep a good attitude towards users and fellow Gologers.
  • Delivering parcels immediately after receiving it. Any deliveries within state should be received and delivered within 2 hours at maximum, any late deliveries of the GoLoger will be penalized (up to full amount of the delivery), which the GoLoger will be opt out of our future programs or rated lower by User.
  • Handle item with care. On the midst of delivery, GoLoger should ensure the condition of the parcel which may require GoLoger to stop and check the parcel time to time. If the items are found to be damaged and not declared by the User or GoLoger at the beginning, it will be the GoLoger’s sole responsibility on the damage of items.
  • Not canceling a delivery after accepting it. Any cancellation done after accepting a job will be penalized up to a full amount of the delivery fee. However, any cancellation 2 hours prior the pick up time will not be penalized. Cancellation of jobs can be done by informing admin through WhatsApp (0172881753) and mention the order ID.
  • Damaging User’s or GoLoger’s property. For example, damaging the car of GoLoger when passing parcels, or damaging, open or keeping the parcel that should be delivered.
  • Use of inappropriate and abusive language or gestures. For example, asking overly personal questions, using verbal threats, and making comments or gestures that is aggressive, sexual, discriminatory, or disrespectful.
  • Unwanted contact with the GoLoger or fellow passenger after the delivery is over. For example, texting, calling, or visiting someone in person after a delivery has been completed.
  • Breaking the local law while using GoLog. For example, deliver open containers of alcohol or drugs into the car; break local traffic laws such as speed limits; or using GoLog to commit a crime, including drug and human trafficking.
A “Cancellation Fee” which is RM5 of the agreed contractual fee will be applied in the following circumstances: As a GoLoger, you agree to our Terms of Use when you sign up for your account. We may take action against you for violating these terms, including permanently closing your account. For example the failure to maintain accurate, complete, and up-to-date account information, including having an invalid or expired payment method on file; allowing a person who does not meet the minimum age requirement to use your account while unaccompanied, or if you don’t meet that age requirement yourself.
Fraudulent or illegitimate behavior undermines the trust on which GoLog is built. We may deactivate any account(s) associated with this type of activity, including: abusing promotions; collusion between rider and GoLoger; disputing fares for fraudulent or illegitimate reasons; or duplicate accounts.
A driver cancellation is when you accept a trip request and then cancel the trip. Cancellations create a poor rider experience and negatively affect other drivers. We understand that there may be times when something comes up and you have to cancel an accepted trip. But minimizing cancellations is critical for the reliability of the system.
How is my cancellation rate calculated? Your cancellation allowed will be a maximum of 3 times with valid reason. Any cancellation without reason and no show will be imposed a full penalty amount and might lead to a permanent ban from the Golog system. Appeal of ban can be done through